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Wellbeing is essential for all children and adults. Over the last few years I have spent most of my time focusing on and researching how we can embed wellbeing into our practice. Promoting the wellbeing of children and staff is an underpinning part of all my work. I deliver training and workshops on the subject of wellbeing for both adults and children. I also deliver wellbeing workshops for primary aged children.

I write and deliver training to suit each individual team/setting
Examples of Wellbeing training I have delivered...

  • Promoting young children’s wellbeing


  • Stress awareness in children and young people


  • Anxiety awareness in children and staff


  • Wellbeing for staff


  • Mindfulness with children

"The anxiety training was some of the best training I have been on."
"Thanks for the ideas on staff wellbeing, good to be reminded of what we can do."
"Absolutely fantastic course. Excellent tutor Sonia."
"I would highly recommend this course to anyone and everyone."

Books I have written

on wellbeing...

Promoting Emotional Wellbeing

in Early Years Staff
A practical guide for looking after yourself and your colleagues.

published by Jessica Kingsley Publishers

Promoting Young Children’s

Emotional Health and Wellbeing
published by Jessica Kingsley Publishers

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